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BTL Cellutone ShockWave Therapy


BTL CELLUTONE™ harnesses the potency of therapeutic vibrations, prioritizing unparalleled patient comfort and safety. Through its precise application of pressure and vibration, Cellutone targets and disintegrates enlarged fat cells. This prompts the body to naturally boost collagen production in the treated area, facilitating healing. Additionally, the therapy enhances blood circulation and metabolism in the targeted region. As collagen undertakes its regenerative role, tissues are restored, resulting in a denser, revitalized area brimming with rejuvenated collagen fibers.

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Why Cellutone?

  • Safe, non-invasive and FDA approved
  • Effective with noticeable results in just a few sessions (8-10 sessions are recommended)
  • No heat
  • No downtime
  • Improve skin elasticity and firmness

Who is this procedure right for?

BTL CELLUTONE™ treatments offer a safe solution for patients of all ages and skin types seeking non-invasive body shaping and tightening procedures with expedited, refined results. It’s an ideal option for those pursuing aesthetic enhancement without the expense and downtime associated with surgery.

How many treatments do I need?

The recommended course of treatment seamlessly complements and follows your non-invasive body shaping or tightening procedure. Typically, a series of 8-10 sessions spread over 4 weeks will be administered for optimal results.

What kind of results can I expect?

Results can vary among patients due to various factors. However, the therapy is consistently comfortable and painless. Many patients have reported visible improvements after just a single treatment session, especially when combined with a non-invasive tightening or body shaping device. You can resume your normal daily activities immediately after each session.

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